All About Balloon Sinuplasty Recovery

Did you know that approximately 30 million people suffer from sinusitis? Have you tried multiple over-the-counter allergy medications to ease your constant discomfort?

Many adults will continue to live with the effects of headaches, congestion, and facial pain/discomfort. You’re not alone. Luckily, there are safe and effective techniques with minimally invasive procedures available. Balloon sinuplasty recovery periods get people back on their feet quickly and breathing easier. 

What Is Balloon Sinuplasty?

If you’re like the rest of us, the idea of surgery leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Let’s go over what balloon sinuplasty is and how it can change your life. 

During this procedure (which can be performed in an office setting), your ENT will insert a small flashlight and catheter into your sinuses. A balloon will be inflated to help reshape your sinuses and open up your passages. Your ENT can also flush out any mucus before completing the procedure. 

Easy enough? All-in-all the procedure takes around one hour, is completed under local anesthesia,  and you’ll be walking out of the door finally being able to breathe in that fresh air. 

Balloon Sinuplasty Recovery Time

Do you want to know the great thing about balloon sinuplasty? The recovery time is usually within one to two days. That means less time off from work and a quicker return to those pesky day-to-day tasks that don’t disappear because you’re down and out. 

Want to know the other positive features? The reviews are great. 

Most people reported a significant improvement in their symptoms. Some studies have found greater than 90 percent success in relieving symptoms for up to a year or more. 

You should expect to feel some effects post-op, just like any other procedure you might get. Common side effects are drainage (I.e. mucus, blood, etc.), some swelling in the facial region, and tenderness, to name a few. Luckily, these side effects should  resolve within a couple of days. 

How Much?

You’ve already convinced yourself you fall into the very common category of Americans that deal with chronic sinusitis. You’ve determined that balloon sinuplasty is something you know would help you breathe easier, reduce sinus infections, and eliminate discomfort. 

But how much is this going to cost you?

On average, this procedure can cost around a few thousand dollars and upwards to as much as $7,000. The good news? Scheduling your balloon sinuplasty through your ENT’s office can often reduce your out-of-pocket expenses versus going through a hospital, and it is covered by almost all insurance plans. 

What’s the Take

Let’s be honest – balloon sinuplasty reviews tell the whole story. Most people have reported significant and positive feedback from this procedure. Dealing with sinus infections is not only annoying but can cause serious negative consequences if neglected. 

Sinusitis can put you at further risk of future complications versus addressing this problem right now. The only thing you should have to deal with is the minimal side effects from a balloon sinuplasty recovery.  

Join many of your fellow Americans and reach out right now to a physician’s office that is experienced, qualified, and successful in performing a balloon sinuplasty. 

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