Case Studies

Facing surgery can be a scary experience.

That’s why we provide detailed information about our surgical technologies on this website – to help you work in partnership with your physician and surgeon to make an informed decision about your medical care.

Alleviating Pain. Restoring Health. Extending Life. This is not just our mission; we live it every day by dedicating our time to innovating and improving technology that enables more precise, less-invasive surgery. Our state-of-the-art navigation and intra-operative imaging systems do just that.

Why Brian Weeks?

Using pre-operative scans and a technology similar to GPS, our computer navigation systems allows your surgeon to visualize your anatomy in 3-D during surgery and see the exact placement of surgical instrumentation throughout the procedure. This enables your surgeon to:

  • Make fewer and smaller incisions
  • Precisely navigate through the delicate landscape of your brain, sinuses and spine at exactly the right angle and avoid critical
  • Anatomy like the spinal cord and optic nerve
  • Decrease potential damage to surrounding, healthy tissue Verify the successful removal of a tumor
  • Confidently place screws and align joints at the right angle
  • Minimize complications, pain, recovery time and the need for repeat surgeries

Case Studies

Learn more about how surgery has helped change the lives of patients below:

Bite Wounds of the Head & Neck Case Study – Click Here To Open PDF written June 24, 1999 with Bobby R. Alford, Department of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery V.A. Hospital

Dr Weeks ready to perform surgery
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