Nasal Airway Implants

Nasal Airway Implants Offer Breathing Relief To Patient Suffering From Nasal Valve Congestion

Obstructions in the nasal airway in the form of congestion, stuffiness, or mechanical blockage can lead to breathing problems resulting in sleep disruption, snoring and severe quality of life impairment. Narrowing or blockage of the nasal airway is often caused by a collapsed nasal wall or a deviated septum. To treat this problematic condition, nasal implants are used as an innovative and minimally-invasive technology to give cartilage support to the nasal cartilages and lateral nasal wall.

In this video from “The Doctor’s TV Show”, Dr. Weeks puts nasal airway implants into his patient Todd’s nose, who has been suffering from nasal valve collapse and obstruction. The implants offer stability to his nasal valve and lateral nasal wall, offering him instant breathing relief, without changing the appearance of his nose.

A common worry among patients is having something foreign implanted inside their nose. Dr Weeks explains how the bioabsorbable nasal airway implants start dissolving in the body within 9-12 months and are completely dissolved by 18-24 months. As the implants dissolve, they fill in with collagen, stabilizing the valve forever and providing lifelong breathing relief.

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