Testimonials for Dr. Brian Weeks

OTOLARYNGOLOGIST Brian Weeks is known among his peers as a pioneer in the treatment of chronic sinusitis, but the pro surfers, skateboarders and rock musicians who rely on him to stay healthy just call him “Dr. B.”

Before he was a top ear, nose and throat physician at Alvarado Hospital, Weeks, was an avid surfer and sometime roadie for a little garage band his friends started. They were called Blink-182. Fame hasn’t faded the band’s loyalty to Weeks, who still cares for Tom DeLonge’s multimillion-dollar vocal cords and has become known as the go-to guy in San Diego for the likes of U2, Aerosmith and P.O.D., along with pro surfers and extreme-sports athletes. He’s done medical exams backstage at rock venues, on rickety paddleboats off the coast of Mexico even at the foot of the Great Wall of China.

  • Dr. Brian fixed my nose and sinuses, and now I breathe so well. my surfing has improved, and I am not getting sick anymore. I am super stoked to feel good again. –
    Dane Reynolds,Professional Surfer
  • Dr. B has been taking care of me for a while now, and I feel so much better than before. I used to get sick so often, and now I feel great, I sleep well, and I have more energy.
    Andy Irons – Professional Surfer, 3X ASP World Champion
  • Dr. Brian opened up my sinuses and I am feeling so good. I used to get sick when I traveled on surf trips, and now I travel with no problems at all. I am so stoked about my treatment.
    Bruce Irons – Professional Surfer
  • Dr. B has been there for me so many times. He keeps me healthy and feeling good, and always knows how to take care of me when I do get sick. He has also put me back together rampside during mega ramp and vert events, and fixed me up in emergencies. I am stoked he is my doctor.
    Pierre-Luc Gagnon – Professional Skateboarder, Multiple X-Games Gold Medalist
  • Dr. Brian Weeks has been my doctor and my friend for many years. without his help, I would not be able to perform night after night and handle the long, tiring hours of touring and recording that we do. I appreciate his knowledge and expertise, and I feel lucky to have him taking care of me.
    Tom Delonge – Blink 182 / Angels and Airwaves
  • Without Dr. B there, I probably would’ve lost my confidence, I might have still attempted it, but I don’t know if I would’ve been successful.
    Danny Way, Professional Skateboarder

Danny Way, Professional Skateboarder

In 2005, Weeks found himself in Beijing working as medical director for skateboarder Danny Way’s ambitious jump of the Great Wall. His presence came in handy the night before the jump, when Way did a practice run that went horribly wrong.

“He landed short and was cart wheeling down this ramp in midair,” Weeks remembers. “We knew something bad had happened. He looked like a rag doll.”

Way’s ankle had swollen up like a balloon, but when Weeks asked Way if he wanted to go to the hospital to get it X-rayed, Way replied, “No, because I’m jumping anyway. If I have to go over that wall in a wheelchair, then I’m going over the wall.”

Knowing his patient wasn’t about to give up on his challenge which had required months of negotiation with the Chinese government and was expected to draw a TV audience of 120 million Weeks numbed and stabilized the ankle for the jump, which Way executed, breaking a world record in the process.

“Without Dr. B there, I probably would’ve lost my confidence,” Way says. “I might have still attempted it, but I don’t know if I would’ve been successful.” 

Above text courtesy of San Diego Magazine a Curtco Media Publication. “Rock Doc” by Julia Beeson Polloreno and Maya Kroth, August 2008


Here is a 9:43 video clip of Danny Way’s injury and eventual jump over the Great Wall in China. When the injury takes place at the 3:40 mark Dr. Weeks is the one in the yellow shirt tending the ankle and later he is in the hotel room with Danny.