Vivaer Nasal Valve Procedure

Treating Sleep and Breathing with VIVAER® Nasal Valve Procedure

Do you know anyone who snores a lot, or is it you who drives your significant other crazy with your snoring? Well, you might be among the millions of people who are unable to get a good, uninterrupted night’s sleep and are often at risk of bigger health issues related to poor sleep quality.

As humans, we are designed to breathe through our nose. When we are unable to breathe through our nose while sleeping, our bodies figure out how to breathe through the mouth. This leads to snoring and other breathing abnormalities related to narrow nasal passages.

Patients suffering from acute snoring are often advised to undergo major surgeries or strap themselves to a machine while sleeping at night. Better breathing is the way to better health, and a great non-invasive approach to effectively treating nasal airway obstruction is with the Vivaer Nasal Valve Procedure.

With the help of the innovative, FDA-approved VIVAER® nasal valve procedure, Dr. Weeks is able to reshape a patient’s nasal valve area, increasing airflow. This non-invasive treatment involves applying low-temperature, radio frequency energy through an energized stylus to push the walls of the nasal passage apart and seal them to an open position. This is done without any change in appearance of the nose.  Recovery time for patients undergoing the procedure is instant, unlike surgery, which could keep a patient sidelined for weeks. The procedure is affordable too, offering a 90-95 percent cost reduction compared to surgery.

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